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The New Hatred.

Let me say this at the outset: I am an infectious disease epidemiologist. I believe vaccines represent arguably the most astonishing advance in health that we have yet developed. The lives they have saved are probably literally countless, and the … Continue reading

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The men behind the curtain.

Monday was the fifth anniversary of the earthquake that shattered Port au Prince, Haiti. A hundred thousand people were killed, and a great deal of local healthcare infrastructure was destroyed. The scale of the crisis, in the heavily populated capital city … Continue reading

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Paying the Boatman

If you live in a country with a socialised healthcare system (I’m guessing most of my readers do), here’s something you may not know: your government does not write blank cheques for your medicine. What health interventions governments will subsidise, … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating for Idiots

Having attempted to educate several friends, partners and relatives on how they can improve their diets over the past few years, it is becoming to clear to me that this is an area that confuses and enrages many practically-minded people. … Continue reading

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The West African Ebola Outbreak: Causes and Implications

The current outbreak in West Africa is estimated to have consisted of at least 2,400 cases so far, more than every other outbreak since the virus’s discovery combined. The geographic scale too, is unprecedented. Where previous outbreaks have affected at most … Continue reading

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Double Standards and Invisible Cures

Medical research ethics is based on several principles that restrict the way researchers are allowed to treat research participants. Three of most fundamental are respect for persons, justice, and beneficence. “Respect for persons” means that researchers cannot treat the welfare … Continue reading

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Vegetables that are basically worthless.

Several years ago, an ex boyfriend with whom I had debated veganism at length sat across from me, watching me picking my way around the tomato and mushrooms in a bowl of vegetable soup and said, “…I’m not so sure … Continue reading

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