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The Count is Wrong

So in the paper this week we have coverage of the dismal state of global vital registration data, that is, the data that governments collect on cause of death among their citizens and report to the WHO. I am more … Continue reading

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The New Hatred.

Let me say this at the outset: I am an infectious disease epidemiologist. I believe vaccines represent arguably the most astonishing advance in health that we have yet developed. The lives they have saved are probably literally countless, and the … Continue reading

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The West African Ebola Outbreak: Causes and Implications

The current outbreak in West Africa is estimated to have consisted of at least 2,400 cases so far, more than every other outbreak since the virus’s discovery combined. The geographic scale too, is unprecedented. Where previous outbreaks have affected at most … Continue reading

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Illustrating Global Health 4: Africa is Not a Country

These images show the progression of the HIV epidemic in Africa over 20 years; in 1990, 2000, and 2010. North Africa stands out in all three images as basically unaffected, with very little loss of life. Likewise, with the exception … Continue reading

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